Sticker Wallpaper

Sticker Wallpaper


We have pre-made limited quantities of our signature sticker wallpaper. A truly stunning piece of art, no two rolls are the same. 

Wallpaper is made of individually placed stickers and coated for durability. An extra coat of clear varnish/finisher is recommended after installation. Each damask shape is entirely unique. 

27" by 12' (approx)

Damask shapes vary in size but are approximately 12" wide by 15" tall.

Straight match, no repeat.

$1000 per drop. 

Samples and sheets are not available. 

This is a custom one-of-a-kind product, therefor all sales are final. Please feel free to contact us here with questions regarding this product. 

Want your own sticker wallpaper unique to you and your space? Contact us here, we would love to help. 

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