Flat Vernacular’s newest wallpaper and fabric collection, Papillon, features four patterns inspired by the symmetry, grace, and movement of butterflies. The painted shapes of each pattern mimic the individual markings seen on butterfly wings, some of mother nature’s most stunning motifs.



Since this wallpaper is printed on a beautiful pearlescent paper, we suggest using Glasswing in any room where light is plentiful, whether natural or artificial. Glasswing has an airy feel thanks to the generous amount of negative space between each painterly mark. Pair the wallpaper with its matching fabric (shown below!—it’s a half-scale of the wallpaper), or try mixing it with a geometric fabric like Cascade.



Swallowtail features a composition of vibrant strokes that swoop and sail across a white background. Though similar in feel to Glasswing, Swallowtail is quite different in feel because there’s less negative space between shapes—which creates a more tangible sense of motion—along with deeper Earth tones (Glasswing is a bit lighter, a bit more cool and pale in tone). This is Brian’s favorite pattern from Papillon. The matching fabric is half-scale. Contact us if you’d like to make pillows! We can help you.



For the first time ever, we’re offering grasscloth! Adding warmth and stylish texture to walls, grasscloth is an exceptional material to use in your home for its luxurious feel and sound-dampening qualities. We imagine this wallcovering inside a 70’s-inspired living room or as the focal point inside a modern kitchen. Monarch fabric is printed on a white cotton/linen ground, making the colors a bit brighter and less tonal than they appear on the grasscloth. If you’d like to recreate a tonal feel, we do offer a beautiful natural linen fabric that’s similar in hue to the grasscloth.


Painted Lady

Symmetrical shapes make subtle stripes as colors shift from cool to warm. Painted Lady looks best in beach houses, cottages, and cozy sunrooms. This pattern plays well with small-scale stripe patterns and atmospheric murals. We suggest pairing Painted Lady fabric with Astral Blue or Balance in Marine wallpaper, and Painted Lady wallpaper with Creampuff or Sunbeam Yellow fabric.