Featured here are wonderfully broad examples of how FV's wallpapers and fabrics can be used. Whether you're looking to create an Instagram-worthy feature wall, put together the ultimate glamorous dining room for dinner parties, reinvigorate your office with artful yet calming patterns, or re-cover your favorite vintage chair: Flat Vernacular's products can help you achieve your interior design goals. 


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A perfect bathroom with "Toile de Derby" in 'Sandbagging'

Interior design by Jasmine George Interiors


"Flora" in 'Soft Focus' in this cheerful bedroom

Interior design by KP Interiors

image1 (2).jpeg

Kofod Larsen Penguin chairs recovered in Perennial - Verdant fabric.


"Fruit Doves" in 'Nightingale' for a gorgeous guest powder room.


"Turritella" in 'Tunisia'

Interior design by Sarah Hermans

image1 (3).jpeg

"Burma" in 'Indian Holly

Asiatic bloom install.jpg

"Full Bloom" in 'Asiatic'


Colorful laundry room with "Too Much Stuff"


"New York Women - Downtown" Custom wallpaper we designed with Joana Avillez for The Wing.

Interior design by CdR Studio


Cheerful modern bathroom featuring "Perseid" in 'Twain Blue'

Interior design by Martha Mulholland | Image courtesy of The Kitchy Kitchen


Moody blue "Nimbo" in 'Noctilucent'

Interior design by Brian Paquette


"Peaks & Valleys" in 'Midnight'

Interior design by Jamie B Interiors


"Folded" in 'Paper'


"Finisterra" in 'Azurite'

Interior design by Black Lacquer Design / Photography by Mary Costa


"Perseid" in 'Twain Blue' fabric

Styled by Curio Furniture Redesign


Happy children's playroom with "Peaks & Valleys" in 'Overcast'

19East88-0241 (1).jpg

"Flora" in 'Soft Focus' in this cheerful bedroom

Interior design by KP Interiors


"Peaks & Valleys" in 'Midnight'

Interior design by Vintage Scout Interiors


"Fruit Doves" in 'Palau' floating prettily inside a skylight.

Interior design by Will Saks


Geometric patterns mix so well with "Metropolis" in a custom colorway.

Interior design by Consort Design


Classic and clean "Full Bloom" in 'Delphinium'


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"Nimbo" in 'Mesospheric' The bathrooms at Think Hey Day are some of our favorites.

"Nimbo" in 'Mesospheric'

The bathrooms at Think Hey Day are some of our favorites.


"Feldspar" in 'Emerald City'

Interior design by Well Dressed Space , Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck


"Precipice" in 'Denali' adds structure and texture to a modern luxe dining room.

Interior design by Katherine Carter


"Levante" in 'Bianco'

Interior design by Consort


Blues and a slight silver sheen with "Nimbo" in 'Noctilucent'

Interior design by Homepolish


"Precipice" in 'Denali'


Sweet dreams with "Feather Get Together" in "Lakshimi"

"Levante" in 'Breccia'


"Full Bloom" in 'Begonia'

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.19.24 PM.png

"Full Bloom" in 'Asiatic' compliments this rich staircase

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.02.01 AM.png

"Finisterra" in 'Azurite'

Interior design by Baxter Projects. Photography by Nicole Franzen for Domino Magazine

"Feldspar" in 'Labradorite'


Charming bookcase with "Flora" in 'Soft Focus' as a backdrop.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.06.26 PM.png

"Feldspar" in 'Emerald City'


"Folded" in 'Paper'