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Stunning designs for every space.

Introducing Papillon

Inspired by the symmetry, grace, and movement of butterflies, Flat Vernacular’s newest wallpaper and fabric

collection features four patterns. Each painterly print is designed to balance color, shape, and composition to create

a sense of wonder in spaces large and small. The painted shapes of each Papillon pattern, inspired by

mother nature’s most stunning motifs, mimic the individual markings seen on butterfly wings. Glasswing, Swallowtail,

Monarch, and Painted Lady each have one color way. In a debut of two exciting new materials, Monarch and Glasswing

will be printed on our brand new natural grasscloth and pearlescent papers.

All of the fabrics and wallpapers in the Papillon Collection are designed to match with one another

to create lush layers of pattern in your house, or to be used individually to add pops of color and texture to your space.


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