Behind the Screens

Duck inside our studio and stay awhile.


Flat Vernacular is so thrilled to announce that our newest collection will launch on Friday, September 28th. Titled “Form” and inspired by the textures and shapes of the natural world, the collection includes four new wallpaper designs with multiple colorways. Each pattern is meant to pair well with any kind of decor, whether it be desert modernism or traditional decoration.

FV spent the past year working on large-scale paintings, installation ideas, and textural gouache sketches which informed the final patterns included in Form. The studio was an organized mess for most of 2017: we found new brushes, new color combinations, and new ways of creating layered patterns. It was difficult to narrow down our final choices! Good news, though: some of the ideas uncovered in our exploration will make it to our March and May 2019 collections.

The simplicity of each pattern is contrasted by striking color combinations. Designed to work well as either a focal point or a backdrop, these geometric wallpapers also play nicely with other textile patterns and textural materials. Whether you want wallpaper to be the star or the supporting role, we made this collection with versatility in mind.

We hope you find one that you like! Don’t forget to email us if you have any questions.