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We're hard at work bringing the next two collections to life. After taking a year-long hiatus from adding new work to our line (minus the collaborative Wing wallpapers we created in tandem with artist Joana Avillez!), the studio is almost ready to share our new-new with the world. Here are some peeks at ideas, sketches, missteps, and other miscellany from the past few months.


Expect subtle layered geometrics in the late summer/early fall collection. We wanted to make a suite of patterns that could be easily mixed and matched with our current line and our future lines. Useful, easy, unexpected texture, and interesting color combination were the main words we kept repeating over and over while going through hundreds of drawings and paintings that make up the collection.


This sketch of hands holding different botanicals is inspired by art deco and the beginning of spring. It didn't make the cut. 


These two are more in line with what we're offering in the new collection. Some figures are washy and material driven, others have hard edges against a textural background.


Surprise!!! We adopted another kitten and have officially transitioned into what I like to call "Pre-Farm Status." Pre-Farm Status is the first step on our way to becoming a farm for all animals that need homes. Anyway, the kitten's (highly contested) name is Percy. He's pure white with apricot tips on his ears, nose, and toes, 11 weeks old, and thus very cute. Squeal-inducing cute. Expect to see (sorry in advance) many videos and photos of him on our Instagram. 


Payton Turner

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