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Yes, every single roll of our screen-printed paper is really printed by hand. We do employ other modes of manufacturing, like the incredible digital printing available now as well as hand-painting murals onto archival paper.

Welcome to FV's new blog! We're so excited to share more with you—our musings, creative process, as well as our favorite aspects of design, the arts, and literature. On deck is a healthy mix of inspiration, design tips, interior designers we admire, and of course, our cats. We promise it won't be too cat-heavy.

We moved our studio out of Brooklyn (gasp!) and are now happily living and working in West Norwalk, Connecticut. Our house was built in 1954 and was previously owned by Mary Martin, the original Peter Pan. We'll share photos as we continue to update it (aka wallpaper every surface!). The house has had only two previous owners, so most of the charming, original details have remained. More on that later. Here's a picture of the guest bathroom, which will remain forever covered in monkeys. Aren't they funny? When we saw that little room, we knew the house was perfect for us (it’s often the little things—in life, and in design—that make a big difference).

That monkey is up to no good!

If you're curious about process, we've got you covered! Creative process is the absolute driving force behind our work and our lives. Though manufacturing a product in America is vital to our company's mission and core values, it goes much deeper than just making it in the States. We have a responsibility to create sustainable and ethically-sourced products, work with fellow, local artisans, and honor artistic integrity by creating high-quality, beautiful products for our customers. We don't need more trash in the world, right? We take care to make things that are made to last, timeless, and also responsibly-sourced.

The Lookout Circle Collection (mixed media, 2013) installation shot from the group gallery show "Secret Stash:Accumulation, Hoarding, and the Love of Stuff" at the McIntosh Gallery in Canada. Yep, it's thousands of stickers. Below is a time lapse of the installation in process!


You'll meet makers and interior designers here, too. We'd also love to hear from you! If you want to know something, please ask, or comment below. 

We have several filing cabinets of samples ready to be shipped out at a moment's notice.

We have several filing cabinets of samples ready to be shipped out at a moment's notice.


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