Do you love some of our patterns but wish they consisted of tarantulas playing the harpsichord? Have you been searching for that perfect wallpaper made of glitter? We would love to fulfill your wildest (or simplest) pattern based dreams! Custom wallpapers are Flat Vernacular’s specialty. We love to design them, and our clients have as much fun as we do. There is nothing quite like the challenge of creating an entirely unique wall covering for a space.

We love to work with clients both large and small. Our minimums are as reasonable as 12 rolls for a private bedroom, and our production is capable of 1000 rolls (and more!) with Type 2 coatings for large-scale commercial projects.

The possibilities are truly endless, thus a basic guideline is tough to list here. Any custom job must first start with a consultation. Please fill out the form below, we would love to begin the process with you.

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