Flat Vernacular offers commercial and contract options for all of our designs. Any of our production papers can be altered to fit the commercial standards of your project. Our papers begin their life as Class A fire rated papers. Without any additional treatment, our standard production papers are suitable for most light commercial applications in decorative and low traffic areas. 

                    All of our printed products are available with a Type 2 coating which make our patterns nearly indestructible. We also offer a wide variety of vinyl substrate options. Woven, non-woven, and scrim or fabric backed materials are all possible. These options are often available for our Sticker Wallpaper and other special projects too! Our printing capabilities can handle small single roll orders, and large orders in the hundreds (thousands!) of rolls. 

                    We would love to add the finishing touch to your commercial projects. Contact using the form below for pricing and to answer any questions you may have.  Say no to boring vinyls!

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