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  • Office & Studio Manager

  • Production Manager

  • Social Media Content Creator


Norwalk, CT based


Role: Office & Studio Manager

Reports to: CEO

About the Studio:

Flat Vernacular is a critically-acclaimed design studio that creates and produces original wallcoverings, fabrics, artwork, and objects for spaces all over the world. 

Position Overview: 

The Office & Studio Manager is in charge of ensuring all customer communication, sales, internal workflow, orders, and calendars are maintained and executed in a timely, courteous, and efficient fashion. In so doing, you provide an excellent experience for our clients, help the FV team work efficiently, and nourish Flat Vernacular’s reputation for artful and well-made design. This is a client-facing position. Interaction with the Studio Manager is often the first impression of Flat Vernacular that clients have, and you must be comfortable in representing the brand through cheerful, competent, thoughtful, and creative customer service. Email, phone, in-person: you must be at ease with all kinds of interactions. 

Administrative and Office Management:

  • Answer all incoming emails and phone calls from clients in a timely manner

  • Communicate with production manager about clients, orders, deadlines, and shipments to ensure timely delivery of all products

  • Record lifecycle of sales on a daily basis using CRM and Google spreadsheets 

  • Complete monthly showroom check-ins and evaluations

  • Complete estimates for the amount of yardage needed for each particular job

  • Conduct weekly meetings with CEO and monthly meetings with the team to identify promising clients, updates on sales orders, outreach, showroom information, and any sales patterns discovered

  • Excellent communication skills: you possess nuance, near-perfect grammar, and the ability to intuit natural conversation opportunities and will do so on a daily basis. Think professional, not robotic.

  • Responsible for forwarding emails to the appropriate department regarding all aspects of production

  • Ensure workflow priorities are managed daily and long-term studio requests are addressed through planning, brainstorming, and executing tasks

  • Coordinate and record sales tax and partnership payments with the supervision of bookkeeper 

  • Run reports for sales flow, best sellers, and new inventory purchases each month, and analyze trends with CEO, Accounting, and VP

  • Keep all digital files organized on iCloud, Dropbox, and Drive and clean them out on a quarterly basis 

  • Update the Operations Manual as needed 

  • Re-order supplies and set up accounts 

Sales and Client Relationships

  • The most important aspect of this job is continuing to follow up with current sales and identify new sales opportunities

  • Responsible for reaching a monthly goal of new outreach

  • Handling the lifecycle of each client from first to the last contact

  • Maintain a professional and open line of communication with clients, vendors, and team

  • Identify clients who would benefit from an in-person presentation and execute the scheduling of meetings

  • Conceive and organize events and offsite meetings that directly involve concepts of new collections and consider sales objectives in conjunction with the CEO 

  • Customer service both via phone and email including but not limited to: rough estimations for wallpaper, paperhanger problems, forwarding emails to the correct team member, alerting CEO when issues arise, helping customers, and answering product questions

  • Lead in-person sales as needed 

Ideal Skills, Qualities, and Experience:

  • College graduate

  • Ability to work well both independently and with a team

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and are able to think clearly and decisively through complex tasks without help

  • Impeccable organizational and file management skills 

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a proven aptitude for the art of conversation

  • Excellent multi-tasking skills 

  • Flexibility as the role may require work off-site events or in the evening should the need arise

  • A calm, cheerful, and competent attitude. Positive, forward-thinking, and realistic.  

  • Appreciation of design and an ongoing interest in trends, markets, and new technologies

  • Basic proficiency in Quickbooks, Shopify, Squarespace, Shipstation, and Airtable 

  • The ability to deal with clients (even the difficult ones) in a composed, cheerful, and competent manner

  • Experience with forecasting/budgeting and reporting

  • Ability to use initiative to meet goals, re-evaluate systems, and problem solve

  • Experience managing and coaching salespeople as needed

  • 3+ years of experience managing a product-driven studio or office 

Possibility of bonus sales commission with experience. 

This position is NOT for you if:

  • You want to be a designer.

  • You aren’t comfortable working in a small business where every day is different.


Norwalk, CT based


Role: Production Manager

Reports to: Office & Studio Manager; Vice President

About the Studio:

Flat Vernacular is a critically-acclaimed design studio that creates and produces original wallcoverings, fabrics, artwork, and objects for spaces all over the world. 

Position Overview: 

The Production Manager is responsible for all aspects of production and inventory, from order to shipment, on a daily basis. You must be in constant communication with our vendors, shipping services, suppliers, and team for smooth order placement, inventory counts, costs flow, and product sales. It is your responsibility that all purchase orders are placed in a timely manner and according to our inventory counts. All orders must be packed and shipped in a timely manner according to brand guidelines. Weekly inventory counts, refilling the sample drawers, and updating spreadsheets are mandatory. The ability to understand and streamline the ways in which we produce and deliver our products is important. 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing and facilitating all aspects of order fulfillment, including shipping, and inventory. 

  • Managing and maintaining sampling and sample inventory.

  • Working directly with vendors to ensure the efficient production of products. 

  • Overseeing rush production and time-sensitive orders 

  • Assisting the office and studio managers with questions about product specifications and production. 

  • Negotiating shipping rates when necessary

  • Maintaining and ordering all shipping supplies including collateral materials included with shipments. 

  • Developing an expert-level knowledge of all Flat Vernacular products. This includes material specifications, product names, and details related to lead times and shipping. 

  • Endeavor to cut waste and packaging materials whilst ensuring the safe shipment of Flat Vernacular products. 

  • Ensure that all orders are professionally packaged and shipped efficiently. 

  • Maintain the organization and cleanliness of the shipping and inventory areas of the studio. 

Necessary skills:

  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and take direction. 

  • An expert understanding of shipping and logistics including international and customs-related requirements and issues. 

  • Knowledge of Shipstation, shopify, IOS, Photoshop, Acrobat, and G Suite. 

  • The ability to identify inefficient practices and systems, and work to develop solutions. 

  • Lift 50 LBS. 

  • A valid drivers license, clean driving record, up to date insurance, and a vehicle 

  • Ability to adapt to changes in production schedules and order volume whist maintaining estimated shipping quotes and lead times. 

This position is NOT for you if:

  • You are unable to work on a team

  • You are unwilling to adapt to the changes and fluctuations of a small business. 

  • You want to be a designer


Norwalk, CT / Tri-State area


Flexibility/Work from home

Role: Social Media & Content Creator

Reports to: CEO

About the Studio:

Flat Vernacular is a critically-acclaimed design studio that creates and produces original wallcoverings, fabrics, artwork, and objects for spaces all over the world. 

Position Overview: 

Flat Vernacular is seeking a part-time employee to assist in the direction and execution of social media content creation. This person will be accountable for the planning and implementation of monthly and weekly calendars and posts for each individual account based on goals, concepts, and strategies.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Create and maintain a social media calendar for long and short-term projects 

  • Create campaigns that align with overall company integrated marketing calendar and business goals

  • Generate interesting ideas for content that will be posted daily 

  • Engage in the design and aesthetic communities (able to determine trends, pick up on patterns, notice what other design biz are doing, identify key players in the design community)

  • Weekly telecommunicated meetings with CEO to go over any discoveries, thoughts, or ideas for posts 

  • Able to come to CT to plan out the social media calendar and coordinate any behind the scenes shots/ideas/projects with the entire team at least 1x per month

  • Physically able to assist with photoshoots, DIY projects, and creative assisting as needed 

  • Track and record positive growth data on a monthly basis for all accounts

  • Communicate with followers, respond to questions and cultivate the community

  • Strategize influencer and business relationships to propel sales growth and brand recognition

Ideal Skills, Qualities, and Experience:

  • is positive, forward-thinking, and hard-working

  • excellent communicator with an aptitude for creative and coherent storytelling

  • proven to have a strong voice and able to adapt voice for company needs

  • has a deep interest in the ways in which humans see, understand, and interpret the world

  • able to distill the key points of each collection with the help of the CEO/designers to co-create a better narrative about each product, process, and idea

  • enjoys coming up with creative ways to engage our audience

  • able to attend the odd extra-curricular event on behalf of the company to record it for social media

  • very skilled at working on tight deadlines

  • a self-starter

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