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Creators of original wallpapers and fabrics for residential and commercial use since 2010.

The Form Collection


Flat Vernacular’s Form Collection is a meditation on how the elements and humankind continuously mold the natural landscape.


The Collection's four new wallpapers reflect the full spectrum of this notion, from representations of pure, serene skies to the curious beauty of man-made rock balance sculptures. Much like its conceptual genesis, this collection unfolded over time—sketchbook paintings featuring atmospheric hues and bold movement graduated to large-scale swaths of color, lush and layered across creamy sheets of archival paper. Inspired by Henri Matisse’s later work, many of the collection’s shapes were then “drawn with scissors,” lending a unique and rough-hewn beauty to the final product.

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FV’s new wallpaper, “View” in colorway ‘Muted’ adorns the walls inside The Wing’s newest location.


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 Need wallpaper and fabric styling ideas? Try thumbing through  Insitu !

Need wallpaper and fabric styling ideas? Try thumbing through Insitu!


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We understand it can be tough to imagine prints inside of spaces. For inspired ideas of how to use our wallpapers and fabrics, look no further than Insitu. Click below to see how different patterns have been used, plus meet some of our very favorite interior designers!


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